How it all started...

Bamboobee bicycle

GreenChamp bamboo balance bikes is the brainchild of Daniel. Daniel went around the world on a solo expedition that spanned more than 4000 kilometers. He was so impressed of seeing bamboo and so many people making low value products out of bamboo he thought that can be done differently.


After studying children’s balance bikes already in the market, he noticed many of them were not sustainably made, using materials like plastic, plywood and aluminum. These non-sustainable materials have a negative impact on the environment, therefore hesaw a big opportunity to create the GreenChamp – made almost entirely out of bamboo!


He spent 2 years at the drawing board and came up with a bamboo balance bike for children as young as 18 months to 5 years, with the aim of bringing the joy of riding a bamboo bike to the youngest of us.



Made by talented local artisans, each GreenChamp bike is a unique and beautiful piece of art.



“ Through the GreenChamp Bikes we hope this will encourage parents to educate their young children on the environment and provide children a greener future” Daniel, GreenChamp Bikes


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GreenChamp Bikes 


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