Our Mission

Bamboo bicycle & Circle of Life Adventure

Exceptional Quality

Bamboo of the highest quality is carefully selected for each Obee bicycle. It is then crafted by our gifted artisans.

Elegant Beauty

Each Obee bicycle is unique. Our dedicated finishing embellishes the natural beauty of the bamboo. This creates a stunning bicycle that will turn heads everywhere you bring it.

Enduringly Fashionable

The Obee bicycle is the hallmark of fashion and being green. No matter what you wear, it will complement your style

Our Philosophy

Bamboo bicycle & Circle of Life Adventure
Bamboo bicycle & Circle of Life Adventure
Bamboo bicycle & Circle of Life Adventure

“When you buy an Obee, you grow one for your loved ones.”

The memory of learning how to ride a bicycle from our parents is one that we all cherish. Bamboobee aims to make this life event even more memorable by allowing you to grow and build a bike for your children.

For every bamboo bicycle purchased, 3 bamboo saplings will be replanted. After 3 years when the bamboo has matured, the customer can choose from two options;


To turn the matured bamboo into another bicycle as a gift for their loved ones
To allow Bamboobee to use it for other meaningful environmental pursuits

Why 3 bamboo saplings?

3 saplings will accumulate almost 100% of CO2 from bike production
Replanting will help rehabilitate the soil to become fertile again for agriculture and other uses

Note: Bamboo replanting will start when it reach batches of 10,000 bamboos