Ah Sun Chuah is an extraordinary adventurer, engineer, bicycle craftsman and entrepreneur. During his studies at the Singapore Management University, he embarked on a solo 12,000 km motorcycle ride from India to Russia crossing 14 countries in 8 weeks, including Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. He returned to Singapore by train and buses, crossing another 9 countries in 4 weeks.

This motorcycle expedition in 2009 inspired him to take on The Circle of Life expedition” adventure in which he cycled 6,103km around Central Asia on his self-crafted bamboo bicycle. Bamboobee is a continuation from the expedition, Circle of Life. After 9 months cycling in Central Asia and back to Singapore on a self-made bamboo bicycle, Bamboobee was born to promote the usage of bamboo.

Bamboobee’s bicycles are called obee. Obee tells the story of Ahsun Chuah pursuing a forgotten passion - adventure travel. From the first home-made Obee that traversed Central Asia to the new generation Obees that are loved throughout the world; the beauty and performance have allowed him to observe his passion. Now the turn is yours.​