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Where are GreenChamp Bikes built?

GreenChampBikes bicycles' bamboos are sourced in China. Each bamboo are carefully selected and naturally processed. The frame building will be crafted by craftsman in China and the final assembly and quality control happens in Singapore.


Are GreenChamp Bikes tested? How do I know if it is safe for my child?

We have extensively tested our GreenChamp Bikes by consumers in Asia and Europe. To ensure that the GreenChamp Bike meets the needs of modern parents and children, we have worked closely with experienced Dutch and Asian bicycle retailers who have given continuous valuable feedback and solutions, ensuring that the highest standards are met.


How are GreenChamp Bikes assembled?

GreenChamp Bikes will be 90% pre-assembled. For the remaining 10% we would need the help of eager parents (like yourself) to attach the handlebars, saddle, front wheel and a few minor things such as adjusting the bike to suit your child. The bicycle will be safer and will ride drastically better when assembled and tuned properly. Assembly tools are provided.


Please note: We do not used processed materials for GreenChamp Bikes. As each product is handmade and the bamboo used is hand-selected, some delays may occur to ensure the highest quality promised. We will inform you in advance in the event that your shipment is delayed, and seek your understanding in this matter.


Does the GreenChamp Bike come with any warranty?

Our bicycle frame comes with a 1 year warranty. The warranty for the bike’s components is 1 year. For more information please visit : Safety & Warranty​


How long will the delivery/shipping take?Return Policy

In the unlikely event of damage or wrong size/specifications being shipped, you may return your product within 7 days of delivery for an exchange or store credit. Please contact us to arrange a return. No refunds will be given.


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