Bamboobee Bicycle

- Handcafted by artisans



- Timely honored fashion

- Maximum comfort, styled to your needs:

The very nature of the bamboo grass ensures that every Bamboobee bicycle is unique. Our artisans are expertly trained to select only the finest bamboo, and transform it into beautiful works of functional art just for you.

Our time honored, seven-step process requires 10-30 hours to individually handcraft each bicycle to state-of-the-art perfection.


- Exceptionally resilient for cyclists

- Truly authentic environment

Bamboobee was inspired by a 3,700 mile biking adventure across the mountains of Central Asia. Our story is a classic representation of human passion being shared with the world.  In keeping with our philosophy of providing only the best from our planet, our studios promote and encourage environmental sustainability, as the Bamboobee workspace can uniquely operate even without electricity.

Bamboo that is grown from a high attitude with loose soil is very strong. For this reason, we select only bamboo in regions that produce such high quality material. Additionally, we employ the local village people to harvest the material for us. This process guarantees a stronger-than-steel frame for all cyclists – whether professional or amateur.

Our nature-based joints and bamboo framework promotes the smoothest ride possible, so no matter how you ride, the natural dampening effects of our natural materials compliment your riding style for a glide-like feeling with maximum comfort.