GreenChamp Bikes is a kid’s balance bike that is made from bamboo, aiming to build confidence in your child. 

We only use the best from what nature has to offer.

Balance Bicycle


  • Specially developed bamboo technologies: GreenChamp uses two specially developed technologies during production to ensure that our bikes are tough and hardy. Honey is infused into the bamboo fiber to prevent cracking. Also GreenChamp bike frames are double-walled, in which 1 bamboo is fused between 2 bamboo walls to ensure the durability of the bike. This also increases the bamboo frame strength by approximately 50%.


  • Smoothest ride possible for your child: Our nature-based joints and bamboo framework promotes the smoothest ride possible for your child, so no matter how they ride, the vibration dampening effects of our natural materials compliment their riding style for a glide-like feeling with maximum comfort.


  • Special Ezy Steering™ system: Kids will start with restricted steering on their GreenChamp Bikes, ensuring easy maneuvering for first-time bike riders.  Once they have gained enough confidence and experience, parents can remove a pin in the steering system, allowing them to use the balance bike similar to a  “real“ bicycle, with full control of the steering that can now rotate 360°. 

balance bicycle
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Having fun...the natural way!

balance bicycle

GreenChamp’s bamboo balance bikes pave the way for children to learn the life long skill of bike-riding.


We are confident that there is no other balance bike that comes close to the sustainability, innovation and superb quality of the bamboo balance bikes built by GreenChamp Bikes.

balance bicycle
balance bicycle
balance bicycle